Corporate & Bulk Purchases

MarketExpress Corporate & Bulk Purchases is a procurement service dedicated to Corporates, NGOs, Restaurants, Hotels etc. 

Send us your procurement needs and get bulk prices.

Call 0501453228 or 0501453229 or email to sign your organization up.

Business Selection

  •  Widest Assortment: Shop from the widest assortment of office consumables and everyday essentials

  •  Office Supplies (Papers, Envelopes, Stationary, Cleaning Supplies, Toiletries)

  • Office Provisions (Water, Coffee Etc)

  • Gift Cards & Team Incentives: Give Employees Performance Incentives Which They Can Use For Grocery Purchases

  • Or send us a specific procurement request for any item and we will do our best to source it for you.

Business Pricing

  • Business Bulk Pricing: Enjoy exclusive volume discounts on a wide range of items

  • Request For Quotes: Email us your list of items and we will get back to you with a quote and an invoice.

  • You can pay by cheque or bank transfer.

Business Solution

  •  Dedicated Relationship Manager: A specialist dedicated to serving all your needs

  • Minimize Cash Handling: Minimize the risks that come with cash handling in an organization

  •  Track Your Spending: All your invoices remain in your account so it's easy to monitor and analyze your spending.