Kuukua TavolatoMeet our Mascot Kuukua Tavolato (Kuukua T)

With a look of excited pleasure on her face, stylish clothes and authentic African beauty, Kuukua Tavolato (aka. Kuukua T)  is the epitome of our busy homemaker. We named her after our two first customers, Ghanaian, Lindy Kuukua Larson and British-Italian Giulia Tavolato. You can find Kuukua sharing words of wisdom distilled from eons of wise women like her from around the world who have successfully fed, clothed, loved and inspired their families. Read more below from Lindy and Giulia on why they chose to do their grocery shopping on Market Express.

Lindy Larson

Q: What makes you purchase from Market Express

A: I work as a senior manager at an international NGO with a busy schedule and I also travel often. I needed a solution that guaranteed that I have what I need delivered quickly. I also use market express to keep track of and manage my expenditure on groceries as all my orders are easily accessible when I log into my account. It is easy to schedule a delivery and also to repeat an order.


Giulia Tavolato

Q: What do you love most about Market Express

A: Since I moved to Ghana from Italy one of the big changes was the distance I had to travel to the grocery store. Market Express has been a great relief as it enables me to receive my groceries at home. I also love the pretty and eco-friendly shopping bags, and the fresh produce sourced directly from local farms. I really look forward to having a wider variety of farm produce.